Smile Gallery

Are you looking to improve your smile? Wether cosmetic or restorative, we take pride in returning our patient’s ability to smile large and wide! Take a look at a few before and after photos and imagine what we can do for you.

These photos depict several of our great patients that have participated in significant dental work, which has improved their health and greatly transformed their smiles. None of the photos that you see below are from models or purchased from any source. We want you to see the actual results that are achievable when we work together!

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Caren came to us complaining of large gaps between her upper and lower front teeth that, “had bothered her for 40 years.” She elected to proceed with cosmetic bonding procedures as well as gingival recontouring to reshape her smile and close the gaps in her teeth. At the end of her procedure she cried and told us that she wished she had done it years ago.

Patrick came to us after admiring his mother’s cosmetic dental procedure. Because Patrick had teeth which were somewhat canted, and had large spaces between some of his front teeth, we elected to perform cosmetic tooth bonding and reshaping to close the gaps in his teeth and reshape his smile. We’re excited to see the next family member!

Antony had a congenitally missing upper left lateral incisor. Through cosmetic dental implant therapy Antony was able to get his tooth replaced with a cosmetically pleasing full-thickness EMAX porcelain crown. Good luck in the peace corp Antony!

John had long been bothered by the dark cavities between his front teeth, as well as the crookedness of his smile line. We helped him achieve a healthy new smile through the use of EMAX crowns, and were able to realign his teeth at the same time. Looking great John!

Shauna came to us with Veneers on her upper anterior teeth, but she unfortunately had recurrent decay, meaning that cavities had invaded under the back side of the veneers and were endangering the health of her teeth. We removed the offending veneers and placed full-thickness esthetic porcelain crowns, which not only corrected the decay, but also gave her smile a new vitality and healthiness. Congratulations Shauna!

For her whole life Jill has wanted very white front teeth! She also had cracking in her front teeth, as well as cavities in between. At her request, we used special bleached porcelain in order to give her the white smile that she always wanted. Next she’s going to have the bottom teeth done. It was a pleasure Jill!

Tom is an engineer patient of ours, and for a long time had an old-fashioned, snaggle-tooth, porcelain metal crown in the front of his smile, as well as a lot of crowding and decay in and around his front teeth. Through the use of EMAX cosmetic all-porcelain crowns, Tom is healthy and happy, and bragging to his fellow engineers of the high level of precision-dentistry that he received in our office. Thanks Tom!

Patrick came to us from overseas, where the standard of dental care was significantly lower. At his first appointment he was embarrassed to smile because of all the chipped, stained, and crowded teeth. He felt that his image was suffering because of his smile. With our cooperation he now flashes a big smile everytime we see him. Good work Patrick!

Larry has severely ground his teeth at night, throughout his whole life. Unfortunately this caused the teeth to be less than half their original length. When we saw him, every tooth in the front of his mouth was extremely short, and severely cracked and chipped. Through careful gingival contouring, and zirconia high-strength, all-porcelain crowns, we were able to lengthen his teeth and protect them from continued chipping and breaking. He also wears a night guard now to protect his new beautiful smile. Congratulations Larry!