Sedation Dentistry

It is known that many patients will sometimes ignore dental issues, such as a toothache, because of a dental phobia that inhibits them from receiving any sort of dental procedure. In some cases, ignoring these problems can be harmful to the longevity of our patients teeth. To aid those who suffer from large amounts of dental-related anxiety we provide the option of sedation dentistry, which is the use of medication to help patients relax during a dental procedure. According to the level of anxiety or the type of procedure being done, different levels of sedation may be helpful or necessary. They are:

  • Minimal Sedation – Awake but relaxed
  • Moderate Sedation – Very relaxed, may slur words
  • Deep Sedation – Edge of consciousness
  • General Anesthesia – Completely unconscious

At David Ford Dental, we strive to provide you with the optimal experience to help you feel more comfortable with your dental procedures.

“Dr Ford and his staff care about me as an individual. They take care of my dental needs and relieve all my dental anxieties.”

- C. Parnell